MTG Deck Challenger: Mono Green Stompy Vergroot

MTG Deck Challenger: Mono Green Stompy



  • Release: 26-03-2021
  • 2021 Challenger Deck
  • 75 Card Deck

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29,95 €

incl. BTW

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Who's the beatdown? You are. Stomp all over your oppenent with a barrage of beefy creatures ready to fight anyone or anything that gets in your way.

Ready to play. Ready to win.

No matter what level you are, Challenger Decks come ready to play right out of the box. Grab some for Friday Night Magic or to play with friends of all skill levels!


  • Battle-ready 60-card deck
  • 15-card sideboard
  • 6 DFC helper cards
  • 5 double-sided tokens
  • Deck box

Magic The Gathering


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